Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is the price of your service per person? No, Designated Wakesports is a charter service where you pay one flat rate for you and your entire group. The service includes the boat, driver/instructor and the necessary equipment to enjoy any of the behind the boat water activities we have to offer. The only thing not included is the driver gratuity.

How many people does the boat hold? The max is 6 people at a time on one boat. Please call (909) 556-3345 for options to accommodate larger groups.

Do we have equipment for all ages? We offer something for everyone! Please call (909) 556-3345 if you have concerns about accommodating a person in your party.

What is the fuel charge or any extra charges? We are happy to say that we do not charge extra for fuel. Our rate includes the boat, driver/instructor, all necessary equipment and fuel.

What are the age limits for participating in watersports? Watersports can be enjoyed by all ages depending on the comfort level of the person in the water.

How many people can wakeboard in an hour? We suggest that you book enough time for 2-3 people to ride per hour to maximize the experience.

How many people can ride on the tube at one time? We have various tubes that hold up to 2 people.

What type of payments do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and cash.

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